Create a new Parent Due Diligence Item

Once the Parent Due Diligence Item is created, a child Due Diligence Item will be automatically created and a case assigned to the client per the dates provided.

  1. On the Client Detail Page, select “Add New Parent DD Item” in the bottom right hand corner of the Due Diligence container.
  2. The “Add Parent Due Diligence (DD) Item” will pop up and will need to be completed.
  3. Select Item Category. After this is chosen the appropriate Template can be selected in the next box. Frequency and Compounding will automatically prefill and cannot be changed based on the template selected. These fields are configured by Shield based on the FI requirements.

  4. Item Creation Date (days prior to reference date that the due diligence case will be created) and Due Date (select the amount of days the item is due after reference date) must be completed.

  5. Case Descriptions and Instructions can be expanded to review but cannot be changed here. Risk Adjusted and Reference Date will also be prefilled based on Due Diligence Item Category and Template chosen.


  6. Initial Review Date is first time this item should be reviewed (for example, if a 90 day review is done the first review date would be 90 days after account opening). A message will display the implications of the date selected. In the screenshot below, the Due Diligence Item is due on a monthly basis, and due 5 days after the review date. The template used for this is a compounding template, so the next month is due at the same time, regardless of if the prior month’s has been submitted.