Complete a Due Diligence Item

1. In the Due Diligence Container click the blue hyperlink number in the Child Item ID column. 

        a. This will bring you to the Due Diligence Item Profile Page. 

        b. Select “Update DD Item” in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


        c. Change status to “Completed-Accepted” or “Completed-Waived”. Input any applicable Reference Number                             and/or Source/Vendor numbers in the appropriate boxes. Add any comments or Attachments relative to the case                     and click Update.


2. From the case:  Access the Case by the Case list or by  selecting the blue hyperlink case number in the Associated Case column of the Due Diligence Container.

        a. Click on the Go to DD Profile in the right hand corner.


        b. Follow the same instructions as above (1b-1c).

        c. Once the DD Item status is complete, the case will be closed. 

        d. When a client updates a Due Diligence case, they can only add comments, attachments and send the case back to the             FI.