The August 15, 2022 release of Shield Engage 4.12 allows for new field values, including Number and Currency and also the option to add a new Header Layout, as well as General Updates and Fixes.

New Number and Currency Field Values

  • Information requests within the application can be restricted to Number or Currency Values.

New - Header Layout on Cards

  • Within the Card Layout (Entity, Individual, Additional Requirement cards), a header can be inserted to distinguish/ break up requests.
General Updates and Fixes
  • The History Log has been updated to clearly reflect when a document has moved from Waived to Required.
    • e.g. "Document "Lease Agreement" was changed to Required."
  • Submission of application with enforcement of Required documents has been resolved if an entity or individual was deleted within the application.
  • If a Disclosure page (wording or document) was updated after submission, the flow of the application has been resolved to navigate to the Comment Summary page, after approval of disclosures.