The July 14, 2022 release of Shield Engage 4.10 allows for requirement of justification for waived documents and an update to a dialog box, as well as General Updates and Fixes.

New - Justification for Waived Documents

  • Within an Application, the FI can enforce Required Documents to submit the application.  Based on communication from the applicant, the FI can decide to waive a Required Document if desired.
    • With this release, the FI now has the ability to provide a justification for waiving the document.  The justification will be visible from a Tooltip and available within the History of the application for audit tracking.
    • Please contact us at to discuss enforcing required documents and this new feature.

New - Ownership Dialog Box Updated for Clarification

  • Within an application, the MRB has the option to choose “I confirm that no legal entity/person owns 10% or more.”  The Dialog box has been updated to explain the impact of the action to the application.
    • Please confirm that the entity has no ownership - either by entity or individually - over the indicated threshold. By confirming, any previously entered ownership, including profile information and documents will be removed from this entity's application for the individual or entity.

General Updates and Fixes

Within an application, the Entity type (LLC, C-corp, etc.) was visible to the MRB immediately following the Entity Name (e.g. ABC Cannabis LLC, LLC).  The Entity type has been removed for a cleaner appearance.