Once you select "Upload Accounting Information", select Quickbooks Desktop, and then Continue a zero footprint program will pop up to be installed.  This program will find your Quickbooks filed to allow the uploading of your accounting information. 

When using Google Chrome to download files from the internet, you will be asked if you want to 'Keep' or 'Discard' the file. This will popup along the bottom of the web browser along the task bar.


Select Keep. This will download the file needed to launch DataShare Connect.  


Then click on the vclient.application file icon that appears the bottom left hand corner of the browser window to begin the installation of DataShare Connect.


When the installation window appears click Install to launch DataShare Connect.


The vclient.aplication file will automatically download, install and launch the DataShare Connect application for your Accounting Package.

When you have finished uploading your data, DataShare Connect will automatically remove itself.