Accounting Upload - Sage Intacct Pre-Requisite

Modified on Fri, 16 Apr 2021 at 02:55 PM

Please see the instructions below for uploading from Sage Intacct from our partner, Validis. 

Before uploading your data, please ensure that the following pre-requisite are in place:

1. You must have Top level administrator access within the Sage Intacct portal.

2. You must have Multi-base currencies disabled.

(To verify this, go to Company > Subscriptions >Multi Entity Console > select Configure > View Enable multiple base currencies)


Task 1: Enable Web Services XML Gateway

Task 2: Create Web Service User


Enable Web Services XML Gateway

1. Sign on to Intacct


2. Select Company > Admin > Subscriptions


3. Enable Web Services


Web Services are now enabled!


Create Web Service User

1. Go to Company / Admin / Web Service Users


2. Create User With Limited Admin Privilege

When creating the User, all fields must be added (User ID, Last and First name, Email address, Contact name, User name, User Type, Admin privileges, and Status):

  • User ID: DataShare
  • Last name: Validis
  • First name: DataShare
  • Email address: <Your email address> (Once the User has been created, Sage Intacct will send brand new credentials, which you will need to use to upload your Sage Intacct data)
  • Contact name: <Your name>
  • User name: DataShare Validis
  • User type: Business
  • Admin privileges: Limited
  • Status: Active

Once the fields have been added, click on 'Save'. No information will be added for Roles/User entities/ User departments/ User territories. 


3. Set Up Permissions

Depending on whether the company is set-up for role or user based permissions, the exact route to granting the correct permissions will vary slightly. If only role based permissions are set-up then a role with the correct permissions must be assigned. If user permissions are set-up then the user is amended directly - either way the subscription settings should be set to 'All' on the following modules (whether this is against the user or the role):

  • Administration
  • Company
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Management  

Table shows the exact permissions that have to be set-up for DataShare to extract required data as defined in mapping spec

Permissions and roles report - User ID: DataShare - User name: DataShare Validis - User type: Business user - Admin privileges: Limited - * denotes permissions inherited from another application's permissions
Administration,Application Subscriptions,List|View
Administration,Company Info,Edit
Administration,Payment Info,List|View
Administration,External Authorizations,List|View
Company,Department Groups,List|View
Company,Location Groups,List|View
Company,Class Groups,List|View
Company,Employee Groups,List|View
Company,Employee Types,List|View
Company,Reporting Periods,List|View
Company,Territory Groups,List|View
Company,Document Numbering,List|View
Company,Contact Tax Group,List|View
Company,Attachment Folders,List|View
Company,Memorized Reports,List
Company,Report Groups,List|View
Company,Transaction Allocations,List|View
Company,Transaction Currencies,List|View|Add|Edit
Company,Exchange Rate Types,List|View
Company,Exchange Rate,List|View
Company,Cover Letters,List|View
Company,Cloud Storage,List|View
Company,Offline Job Queue,List|Manage jobs
Company,Email Templates,List|View
Company,Email Delivery Log,List|View
Company,Smart Event Jobs,List|View
General Ledger,Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Statistical Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Adjusting Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Statistical Adjusting Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,User-Defined Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Accounts,List|View
General Ledger,Account Title By Entity,List|View
General Ledger,Statistical Accounts,List|View
General Ledger,Account Groups,List|View
General Ledger,Budgets,List|View
General Ledger,Journals,List|View
General Ledger,Statistical Journals,List|View
General Ledger,Adj Journals,List|View
General Ledger,Statistical Adj Journals,List|View
General Ledger,User-Defined Journals,List|View
General Ledger,Recurring Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Recurring Statistical Journal Entries,List|View
General Ledger,Reporting Periods,List
General Ledger,Transaction Templates,List
General Ledger,Post Templates,List|View|Add|Edit|Delete
General Ledger,Revenue Recognition Schedule,List
General Ledger,Revenue Recognition Category,List
Order Entry,Order Entry Transaction Definitions,List|View
Order Entry,Customers,List|View
Order Entry,Customer Groups,List|View
Order Entry,Customer GL Groups,List|View
Order Entry,Items,List|View
Order Entry,Item Groups,List|View
Order Entry,Units Of Measure,List|View
Order Entry,Serial Mask,List|View
Order Entry,Lot Category,List|View
Order Entry,Product Line,List|View
Order Entry,Item GL Groups,List|View
Order Entry,Item Tax Groups,List|View
Order Entry,Warehouses,List|View
Order Entry,Price Lists,List|View
Order Entry,Fair Value Price Lists,List|View
Order Entry,Price List Entry,List|View
Order Entry,Fair Value Price List Entry,List|View
Order Entry,Price Schedules,List|View
Order Entry,Tax Authority,List|View
Order Entry,Tax Detail,List|View
Order Entry,Tax Schedule,List|View
Order Entry,Tax Schedule Map,List|View
Order Entry,Contacts,List|View
Order Entry,Recurring Transactions,List|View
Order Entry,Recurring Schedules,List|View
Order Entry,Order Entry Transactions,List|View
Order Entry,MEA Allocation,View
Order Entry,Fulfillment,View
Order Entry,Print/E-mail Documents,Run
Order Entry,Post Scheduled Transactions,Run
Order Entry,Revenue Recognition Template,List
Order Entry,Renewal Templates,List
Order Entry,Payment Defaults,List|View
Accounts Payable,Summaries,List|View
Accounts Payable,Approve Bills,List
Accounts Payable,AP Bills Approval Levels,Level1|Level2|Level3|Level4|Level5|Level6
Accounts Payable,Manual Payment,List|View
Accounts Payable,Vendors,List|View
Accounts Payable,Vendor Types,List|View
Accounts Payable,Vendor Groups,List|View
Accounts Payable,Bills,List|View
Accounts Payable,Adjustments,List|View
Accounts Payable,Recurring Bills,List|View
Accounts Payable,AP Terms,List|View
Accounts Payable,AP Account Labels,List|View
Accounts Payable,Payment Requests,List|View
Accounts Payable,Posted Payments,List|View
Accounts Payable,Check Run,List|View
Accounts Payable,Check Run Detail,List
Accounts Payable,Posted Advances,List|View
Accounts Payable,AP Ledger,Run
Accounts Payable,Recurring Transaction Status,Run
Accounts Payable,Vendor Aging Reports/Graphs,Run
Accounts Payable,Check Register,Run
Accounts Payable,Form 1099,Run
Accounts Payable,1099 Reports,Run
Accounts Payable,Reclassification Report,Run
Accounts Payable,AP Open Items Revaluation Report,Run
Accounts Receivable,Summaries,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Customers,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Customer Groups,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Projects,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Project Groups,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Project Types,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Project Status,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Customer Types,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Customer Card Accounts,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Invoices,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Adjustments,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Recurring Invoices,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Deposits,List
Accounts Receivable,Quick Deposits,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Posted Payments,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Posted Advances,List|View
Accounts Receivable,AR Terms,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Shipping Methods,List|View
Accounts Receivable,AR Account Labels,List|View
Accounts Receivable,AR Account Label Tax Groups,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Tax Authority,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Tax Detail,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Tax Schedule,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Tax Schedule Map,List|View
Accounts Receivable,Revenue Recognition Template,List
Accounts Receivable,AR Ledger,Run
Accounts Receivable,Recurring Transaction Status,Run
Accounts Receivable,Recurring Transaction Forecast,Run
Accounts Receivable,Customer Aging Reports/Graphs,Run
Accounts Receivable,Sales Tax Report,Run
Accounts Receivable,Reclassification Report,Run
Accounts Receivable,AR Open Items Revaluation Report,Run
Inventory Control,Inventory Transaction Definitions,List|View
Inventory Control,Vendors,List|View
Inventory Control,Vendor Groups,List|View
Inventory Control,Warehouses,List|View
Inventory Control,Warehouse Groups,List|View
Inventory Control,Product Lines,List|View
Inventory Control,Items,List|View
Inventory Control,Item Groups,List|View
Inventory Control,Item GL Groups,List|View
Inventory Control,Item Tax Groups,List|View
Inventory Control,Units Of Measure,List|View
Inventory Control,Serial Mask,List|View
Inventory Control,Aisle,List|View
Inventory Control,Row,List|View
Inventory Control,Lot Category,List|View
Inventory Control,Price Lists,List|View
Inventory Control,Price List Entry,List|View
Inventory Control,Inventory Totals,List|View
Inventory Control,Inventory Cycles,List|View
Inventory Control,Recurring Transactions,List|View
Inventory Control,Build and Disassemble Kits,List|View
Inventory Control,Inventory Transactions,List|View
Inventory Control,Warehouse Transfer,List
Inventory Control,Maintain Inventory Valuation,List|View|Add|Delete
Inventory Control,Replenish Inventory,Preview
Inventory Control,Replenishment Fluctuating Forecasts,List|View
Time & Expenses,Expense Summaries,List|View|View Expense
Time & Expenses,My Expenses,List|View
Time & Expenses,Expense Adjustments,List|View
Time & Expenses,Employees,List|View
Time & Expenses,Employee Groups,List|View
Time & Expenses,Employee Types,List|View
Time & Expenses,Pending Reimbursements,List|View
Time & Expenses,Posted Reimbursements,List|View
Time & Expenses,Posted Advances,List|View
Time & Expenses,Expense Types,List|View
Time & Expenses,My Timesheets,List|View
Time & Expenses,Timesheet Inquiry,List
Time & Expenses,Expense Payment Types,List|View
Cash Management,Initial Open Items,List
Cash Management,Charge Card Accounts,List|View
Cash Management,Checking Accounts,List|View
Cash Management,Savings Accounts,List|View
Cash Management,Bank Interest and Charges,List|View
Cash Management,Charge-Card Transactions,List|View
Cash Management,Credit Card Charges and Other Fees,List|View
Cash Management,Charge Payoffs,List
Cash Management,Funds Transfers,List
Cash Management,Deposits,List
Cash Management,Other Receipts,List
Cash Management,ACH Bank Configurations,List|View
Cash Management,ACH Payment File,List|View
Purchasing,PO Transaction Definitions,List|View
Purchasing,Vendor Groups,List|View
Purchasing,Vendor GL Groups,List|View
Purchasing,Item Groups,List|View
Purchasing,Units Of Measure,List|View
Purchasing,Serial Mask,List|View
Purchasing,Lot Category,List|View
Purchasing,Product Line,List|View
Purchasing,Item GL Groups,List|View
Purchasing,Item Tax Groups,List|View
Purchasing,Price Lists,List|View
Purchasing,Price Schedules,List|View
Purchasing,Price List Entry,List|View
Purchasing,Tax Detail,List|View
Purchasing,Tax Schedule,List|View
Purchasing,Tax Schedule Map,List|View
Purchasing,Recurring Transactions,List|View
Purchasing,Purchasing Transactions,List|View
Purchasing,Print/E-mail Documents,Run
Platform Services,Custom Reports,List|View
Platform Services,Printed Document Templates,List|View
User Defined Dimension,Objects--User Defined Dimension,List|View


Sender ID (for API access)

1.Select Company/ Setup / Company 


2.Security tab >Edit


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