Client (MRB) Dashboard

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Upon logging in, you will see the Dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview of all information for all companies that you have access to. The words in the top colored banner of the page indicate the different pages you may navigate to: Tasks, Documents, Users and Vendors.


All MRBs you have access to will be visible in the Related Businesses container. You may need to select “show all” to view all.

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  1. At the top of the dashboard, four containers indicate task counts: New Tasks, Open Tasks, Recently Closed and Overdue.  Overdue tasks will be indicated by red text and require your immediate attention. New Tasks indicate tasks that have been assigned to the MRB since your last login.
  2. In the Related Businesses container, there are quick action buttons. If there is an outstanding request for financial statements, you may upload them by clicking Upload Accounting. If the Trace Key needs to be updated at any time, you may select “Enter Trace Keys” to enter new trace key(s).  
  3. The Task List container displays all tasks (or cases) that are assigned to you. This indicates that these items need action from you. Any overdue cases will be displayed at the top, then sorted by newest to oldest.
    1. The Case No. is a unique identifier number for the task.
    2. Due Date is the date by which your financial institution needs the information requested by the task.  
    3. The Type column indicates the type of task needing completion.
    4. The Subject Entity indicates which company the task required is for.

Expanding the carrot (on the left of the Case No.) will display a summary of the task requested. Clicking on the case number will open the entire request.

Selecting View All will display all tasks that have ever been assigned to you. The View All view will also display Quick Action buttons, allowing you to complete the case in a streamlined fashion.

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