The MRB trace API key (also referred to as Trace Key) can be updated by accessing the Enter Trace Keys button in the Related Businesses container, or by the API Key or API Key Error case. Once you click on the Enter Trace Keys button, a new window will display.  Please follow the directions below for your state’s seed to sale software provider.


Our software partner, Shield Compliance, is a Validated Integrator with Metrc. You can find more information on this on the Metrc website . Once you provide your API key, the Validated Integrator status allows the system to be updated nightly with your daily sales totals.


Your TRACE API key is used to link your licensed sales/activity to Metrc.  Please have your Metrc System Admin retrieve the API key from Metrc.  If you are the Metrc system admin, and your API key has sales receipt permissions for all your licenses, select the “Use Trace API Key for all licenses” button at the top of the pop up. Paste your Metrc API key in the container to the right of the blue box below. 

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